Several CPC modes can be considered to further improve your purification. PARTITRON makes it easy and always fully automated to implement them:

Ph-zone refinning

An acid / base system makes it possible to create discrete rectangular ph trains. The selectivity between the solutes of different pKa is excellent and the concentration very high.

→ Inject up to 75% of the rotor volume without overlapping the peaks.

Dual-mode (or reversed mode)

After an elution phase, the mode is reversed, the stationary phase becomes the mobile phase. The solutes cross the rotor a second time to increase the selectivity.

→ Separate solutions of interest with very close partition coefficients.

Continuous operation

After an elution and collection phase, a new injection is made in the same stationary phase.

→ Reduce costs and purification time

In extraction mode

The stationary phase is chosen to retain the solute of interest and the mobile phase to remove impurities. The solute of interest is concentrated and purified in the stationary phase, then the extrusion of the stationary phase makes it possible to collect the purified molecule.

→ Increase productivity

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