PARTITRON is an excellent alternative to all known purification solutions on the market:

Alternative to the disc rotor

The disc rotors currently offered on the market have many disadvantages which have been eliminated with the monobloc rotor.

  • CPC can finally be considered on an industrial scale.
  • The monobloc rotor does not undergo any alteration over time which allows GMP-FDA validation.
  • 3D cells allow better dispersion and therefore better resolution.

Alternative to HPLC

Even if the HPLC is widely used in the industrial world, the CPC will benefit from being tested:

  • It offers better selectivity with a much wider liquid-liquid solvent system panel.
  • It offers better capacity and reduced consumption allowing a reduction in purification costs.
  • One CPC device allows all purifications, just change the solvent system (no solid support).
  • Several CPC modes can be performed on the same device: by ion exchange, in reverse phase, in extraction mode…

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