The CPC allows to solve many purification problems and the PARTITRON allows to consider it on an industrial scale:

Is the molecule denatured?

The CPC offers an obvious evolution compared to the HPLC by not using solid support. The molecule does not undergo any irreversible adsorption and will be collected without risk of denaturation.

Is the molecule lost in the column?

The liquid-liquid two-phase system allows total recovery of your sample (100%). There is no loss in the rotor. This quality is all the more interesting for molecules with high added value.

The molecule is not purified?

The CPC makes it possible to find solutions even to the most difficult separations and to purifications deemed impossible. More and more publications demonstrate this. Our team is at your disposal to help you find the right solvent system for your problem

How to go on an industrial scale?

The CPC is renowned for being very easily transposable. The purification results obtained in the laboratory will be found on the PARTITRON and the automatic mode will improve the productivity rates.

How to meet FDA - PCB standards?

CPC provides very high levels of purity. The design of the PARTITRON rotor allows validation of the cleaning and the seals perfect sterilization. Titanium, chosen to be chemically inert, also gives the assurance of optimum biocompatibility.

Specification to study? Needs or constraints?