The CPC offers a significant improvement for the industrial production of all kinds of molecules compared to the best known purification method that is the HPLC

Big Proteins, peptids

Whatever the size of the molecules, the geometry of the rotor and the solvent system without solid phase allows purification without denaturation and without loss. All the injected material is recoverable.

Monoclonal antibodies, APIs, Isomers


Liquid-liquid systems offer greater potential for solutions than silica systems. Very high selectivity can be obtained by finding a good solvent system (ARIZONA system, ATPs, supercritical fluids), even for the most similar molecules (isomers, chirality). Modes have been developed to further improve the performance of the technique (see boosting your purification)

Actives principles, fragile molecules of all polarities


The absence of a solid stationary phase eliminates adsorption phenomena, even the most fragile or polar molecules can be purified by CPC.



The CPC technique makes it possible to obtain very high purities in accordance with FDA (>> 99%)



The CPC and the PARTITRON rotor allow to obtain exceptional productivity while reducing costs (up to 10 times)