In 1986, Rodolphe Margraff, a researcher at the Rhône-Poulenc Pharmaceutical Research Center in Vitry sur Seine (94), succeeded in purifying active ingredients by CPC where the preparative HPLC had failed (purification of the anti-cancer drug Docetaxel (Taxotère) ). He realized that the CPC allowed a reduction of the purification costs (from 2.5 to 3 times) thanks in particular to a reduced consumption of solvents (of 10 times) and to the absence of the silica support which was very expensive.

Noting that only low-capacity devices intended for laboratory experimentation existed and that no production device was available, Rodolphe Margraff decided to create the PARTUS brand in order to innovate and develop a reliable and usable machine in truly industrial conditions such as 24 hour continuous operation.

PARTITRON was born out of the collaboration between a world renowned expert, Rodolphe Margraff, inventor of the Arizona solvent system, and the talents in mechanics and industrial design of ETS COUTURIER.

The original design of the rotor allowed the filing of patents “Rotating device for centrifugal sharing chromatograph”

Since then, ETS COUTURIER has teamed up with the best CPC consultants to meet your development or process improvement needs and allow you to access the best in CPC.